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Thread: Adobe Photoshop 7

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    I Can't decide if i wanna get Adobe Photoshop 7 or get any other Adobe software.
    So please help me choose the right Adobe software.

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    well photoshop is wat all proffessional graphics artists use for Games, Mags, etc.
    It's the best ever

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    Adobe Illustrator is a great product too, but for slightly different uses. Again, used extensively by professionals.

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    Adobe Photoshop is the absolute best GRAPHICS package on the market. Most of todays "PRO'S" use it for all their work.

    The only thing is that is not that easy to get a handle on. It will take time and effort ... but it is worth it.

    Ditto for Illustrator ... though there many great tuturials available on the internet for both.

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    DL and install as many of those progs that you can!
    Everything Adobe makes is top noch!

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    If you don't like Photoshop for any reason, Macromedia Fireworks MX is in many people's eye a close second due to the ease of which you can learn how to use it. (but what do others know? IMO it's a far first )

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    Ive been using Adobe Photo shop since highschool and ABSOLUTELY Love it I havent tried Fireworks MX (.... or at least I dont remember it), but Ive tried quite a few other, and Adobe is the best bar-none. I learned how to use it completely on my own, and found it to be quite intuitive despite never playing with a apple/mac esque application before. There are TONES and TONES of books, CDs, Tutorials etc for Adobe available too, I havent used any myself, but I did learn quite a few tricks from a friend who reads everything he can find on Adobe.


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