After sending a letter to my local branch regarding the ridiculous charges they applied to my account, they finally got back to me today.

The chap who phoned also happened to be someone I used to work with in my previous job ( he got the sack for selling insurance fraudulently...).

He told me they couldn't refund the charges because I'd been overdrawn on my account in March. After a lot of negotiating we came to the arrangement that I would pay one of the charges and the other one would be waived.

They then offered to put on overdraft on my account..

So I said
"Well, you can check if you can put some on it, but only if you don't have to do a credit search for it because I don't want it affecting my credit file"

The guy went away for a couple of minutes, then came back saying
"That's fine Mrs Skweeky, I've given you a 500 overdraft"

The world has gone insane