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Thread: Whats this $*&*! about??

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    Re: ScN Closing Down...
    Originally Posted by Chewie View Post
    I think it\\\'s worth pointing out that we could post IPs and emails of SCN staff with accounts here, but we\\\'re not going to stoop that low.

    It\\\'s a shame when any tracker goes down and I feel for the staff/owners/members at SCN.
    It\\\'s an even greater shame for those unconnected to the creation of the remaining pages as they\\\'re now bound to be regarded in the same light as those who did it.
    Thank you for taking the high road.

    Its sad to see Melvinmeow take part in it. I certainly think less of him now, and I will be deleting my Tophos account.

    Silver also staffs at FTN. His role in this should be enough to get him kicked off staff there; I don\'t want any of them staffing any of my sites.

    Maybe these people dont realize that in some countries, people pay tens of thousands in fines and/or go to jail for filesharing. Talk about the height of ignorance and callousness.
    1.) Silver wasnt even around last night for starters so not sure where you clowns get your info from.
    (TBH He wasnt even in the channel at all.)

    2.) I didnt post anyones information on SCN. You can ask anyone who was in their IRC chan last night if I gave ANYONES IPS out... You cant beleive everything you read. I did however give out the lat and long of certain ips that were being plastered in the irc chan by OTHER people.
    .*Mind you People who are MEMBERS here and NOT Com Reps.*

    Example: Someone plastered Zniks personal info in the chan. The only refrence to anyones ip that I even made... was on him..

    (Sorry any names, emails, and ips were blurred. Basically any name other than my own isnt shown.)

    *IMAGES REMOVED* - Most of the information had been edited, but the members in question still wanted them removed.

    If you want to make comments feel free to do so... Just make sure you DONKEYS << (Insert real word here) at least have a freaken clue what your talking about
    If you still want your account deleted feel free to pm me and ill delete it for you.

    Originally Posted by Roark View Post
    Its sad to see Melvinmeow take part in it. I certainly think less of him now, and I will be deleting my Tophos account.
    Please tell us what was Melvin's role in the demise of SCN? Maybe he stole user donations?
    A second good story about Melvin for today (first one is that he was a part of SCT back then) will be much appreciated.
    1.) How the hell do you steal users donations that never even came in? Thats gotta be a first.
    Also I have no need to take money from other trackers. I acctually donate to a few differant trackers (non-scams 1's on occasion.)

    2.) What do I have anything to do with the demise of SCN. I think I would have more to do with your birth than the demise of SCN. I am a member on SCT yes... not staff or anything... id=9738 if you care to find me....

    damn Melvin cheater and trader ??
    WTF would I be trading or cheating for that matter?

    They are probably laughing amongst themselves in their irc channel, but everyone else can see the joke is on them at the end of it all. A failed site, alot of wasted time, money & publicly making themselves look stupid in the process is the simple reality of what they have achieved. The fact if anyone remembers their site in a few weeks time, the memory is just going to be of the childish last impressions they gave. It's also sad to see other people (Melvinmeow) embarrassing themselves at the same time too.
    Not sure where exactly I embarrassed myself. Could you please give me direct quotes perhaps where you personally seen me making any comments. (Check images provided above for clues)
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    You = Win

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    melvin, there's no need to always use your rapesouce alterego to support yourself when you're stirring trouble, just sign your original post with both names and we'll get the point.

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    I'll let this thread go until it turns to finger pointing, then I'm closing it.
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