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    I am quite interested as to how the RIAA will "hack" into your machine.

    1) Firewall will help against them, they have to get past that 1st

    2) The only real ways "I" know to hack is via Memory buffer overflow exploits common to windows or some pre intstalled back door program. ( From my knowlage of PC's not personal attempts) How the hell are they going to hack your machine, are MS going to tell them of the newest holes in windows so that they can hack you b4 they release the fix

    3) What if you run Linux? Linux is a very safe OS when it comes to hacking and then its still a memory buffer overflow exploit again or an open port with some service running that they can control, other than that you are safe with any OS really

    4) Also I have this niffty little option to encrypt my whole HDD with 256bit strength encryption etc, they are going to have to hack that aswell if they ever get a hold of my pc.

    So how will the riaa hack you? i have heard of "new technology" (yea right sounds like this guy was talking out of a certain hole when he thought that up) and "viruses" that AV makers wont release Signitures for, but which way will it be done.

    It seems that the RIAA are making empty threats.

    Also since the courts just ruled that p2p is legal as its akin to VCR's that they have a legal purpose to them and so therefore can't be made illegal. Going on this how can they justify legalising attacks the masses to destroy the few of us that actually do this bad bad thing LOL.


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    Hacking is illegal, so the RIAA can not use that kind of methods.

    They never said that they did either. They only said that they would like to have the rights to do so.

    That kinda ends this discussion.

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    I meant hack in general terms, hence "hack".

    But yea what type of attack are they likey to use against you?
    Alot of things are illegal yes but from all these news articals and the way that ridiculus court cases that the USA is quite famous for, i think its a possiblity.

    If i guy can successfully sue the makers of a microwave because it did not say "do not attempt to dry your cat in the microwave" or another person that sued the makers of a work drill cos he shoved it up his nose to scratch an itch and turned it on... go figure.

    we have "bills" going to the courts to have firewalls made illegal, cd-rw' drives to have a 3 day wait for a background check to them or in the UK some guy wants to change the Union Jack so that it has black as a colour to represent the multi ethnic culture of the UK

    If they want the rights to do so, so do you think that if they did get the rights that they won't do it? I think that they will...

    Never mind

    So discussion continued...

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    well i agree with Xanex , to be more effect not getting hacked by RIAA is to use a good firewall, hardware firewall is a best choice or use another operating system because this company is going to use all microsoft flaws to get to you. and top it off they are planing to release some sort of program to search your system and delete any illegal stuff <--- i am already working on a program for this. what people have to do is be more aware what you download, i know people don&#39;t care and i could go into manys system i could find all type spyware and hidden programs etc.. because they don&#39;t care what they install, and always wondering why there system running slow.

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    I thought that there wasn&#39;t a version of kazaa that would run on linux or even under wine...if there is one can you point me to it?


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