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Thread: Strange Sound, Screeching Cetera

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    I use Kazza Lite since a half year and i had not any problems.

    since yesterday i had this problem:

    I download a music track. the track plays 13 - 17 seconds in good quality.
    After thos 13 seconds the sound changes to a strange loudly noice!!!
    the last 10 seconds of the music track are good.
    I hab this problem by EVERY DOWNLOADED music track!

    please help me, i dont know what to do!

    thanks kain!

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    I'm having the EXACT same problem. it only started this morning for me. I had figured they were ripped from copy protected cds, yet it with a ton of music and no one seems to notice.

    most of the filenames had strange numbers in front of them too, like (303) and (972). beats me

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    Does this happen with all mp3 files, or just newly downloaded files? Secondly, what program are you using to play them?

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    for me, newly downloaded files. played with wmp, winamp, and k++ 2.0.3 (wmp too).

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    I download 5 new music tracks, and some older, but evertytime i had the same problem.

    I openened the tracks with the windows media player an quick time.

    I have already reinstalled Kazaa Lite an installed it again,but nothing.

    sorry i am new, but waht ist riaa?

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    i had exspecially problems with every version of this tracks:

    Lumidee - Never leave you


    Joe Budden - pump it up


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    If it's only newly downloaded files, I would tend to agree with muscleman. The record companies plant bad copies of files on filesharing networks, especially of newer stuff. Keep trying different songs just to see, older stuff you can usually find without problem, just to make sure that's what it really is.

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    Try downloading a very popular song. One of which you know it isn't a fake. Like something from the rolling stones. Those usually have lots of sources.

    If that one is messed up too, then you might have some kind of virus.

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    I highly doubt its a virus on the clients computer. i've tried on numerous computers and have gotton the same results.

    I feel either most of the songs have been ripped from copy protected cds, and the user probably failed to listen to the entire song, and just the first 13 secs of it,


    They have a virus that alters the mp3 file, and also puts that (292) type number in the filename. Good thing you cant store a virus in an mp3 file, since its an encoded stream of sound.

    After searching a bit, i've found versions of the song that remained unaltered

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    I'm having the very same problem with the Shania Twain song "Forever and For Always". I've tried downloading it over and over, but the sound after a few seconds is SCARY. Anyone know of a good version, which won't destroy my ears?

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