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Thread: Searching Desperately "a Thousand Acres" Sountrack

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    first of all I have to mention that I am searching desperately
    and neraly hopeless for the soundtrack "a thousand acres" (german:
    Tausend Morgen) by richard hartley. (Look at or .com or
    for a tracklist). And I already was on SoulSeek and although I found there one user
    having it the download never started and slsk is very slow - so if YOU
    have the soundtrack I would be happy if you would share it with me - just tell
    me the day you are sharing it on kazaa. Sundays are best for me because
    they are free means no costs for me. IObviously I would also share my stuff
    with you music and other things (about 60gb on many cds, I can send you an archiv of the files)

    thanks anyway, david. -->

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    Just wanted to mention that I already bought it some months ago.
    Then after listening to it - the CD seems to have a small damage (could be
    by the music industry), but I did not wanted to wait another week to get it -
    I decided to offer it on SoulSeek, so more people can be a source - So it would
    be easier to find for other people! And two guys already downloaded the songs from me, one get them all, the other only got a few songs.

    I also share it now on Kazaa Lite K++ (Fasttrack), and I would beglad to
    see people be a second source for some of these songs :) One person already
    started to get it from me on Kazaa :)

    You need some good songs - I recently put all - nearly all my mp3s in one
    directory in "My Shared Folder" ...

    thanks anyway, david.


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