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Thread: Leeds/reading Carling Weekends

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    I'm going to the Leeds weekend and I'm looking forward to it. Anyone else going? If so, who do you want to see most?

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    I sure am! Can't wait, already got the beer in the ice-box! I shall be hopefully ripping the Metallica concert, so hopefully that will be online when it's happend!

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    im not going this year. im gutted! my head gaskett blew up last time i drove, it made it all the way to reading town though.
    just got no money, but i booked 2 weeks off work anyway. (just in case)

    seen metallica at reading a few years ago. right in the middle of a rain storm.
    theres too many trendy heads going to fests now. cracks me up when you crawl out of your tent to see people in smart shirts using their mobiles and talking crap.
    what the... ? am i in the right field?

    think i may go to a couple of day fests again, last years de-construction and distortion fests were fab.

    who are you looking forward to bo?
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