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Thread: Help Dreamcast Files Are In .001, .002 And So On

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    Hi I downloaded two dreamcast games. I downloaded NBA 2K2 from emule, and Sno-Cross Championship Racing from IRC. When I extracted the downloaded files here's what came out

    Nba 2k2 Files
    e-nba2k2.001 through e-nba2k2.025

    Sno Cross
    e-snoccr.001 through e-snoccr.009

    The only files I have heard of before are the nfo's.
    here is a copy of the nfo from nba 2k2
    NBA 2K2
    And part of the sno-cross nfo is right here

    __|_____ _________________________________________________________|__
    | .|
    : _ ___ _________ - E C H E L O N - .::|

    `- Proudly Presents:

    Game.....: Sno-Cross Championship Racing © Crave Entertainment

    Origin...: USA - NTSC - Filename.....: E-SNOCCR.001
    Released.: November 30th, 2000 - Format.......: DiscJuggler (CDI)
    Platform.: Sega Dreamcast (DC) - CD(s)........: 1
    CD1 Info.: 9 RARS / 74 MINS - Ripped.......: Nothing

    - --- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------>

    This game has MP3 CDDA. Simply UnRAR the game, Run UNPACK.EXE, then
    run INJECT.EXE, then load up the CDI as normal and burn. This should
    be the last update to INJECT.EXE, it now has a status bar and a
    Graphical User Interface.

    It says to run unpack .exe but the download didn't come with unpack.exe or inject.exe

    If you could please help me that would be very appreciated

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    if you dont have it already, download WinRAR or WinZip. after installing one of those, just extract the .c## files and you should be able to use your game after that

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    Download latest winrar ( Double-click the .001 file (doesn't matter which game), and when it opens the "Open With" dialog, choose winrar. You will see files in there... Extract, burn, have fun


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