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Thread: Pda And E-books

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    I was thinking about buying a PDA from eBay. I want to get one that I can read eBooks on.

    What kind of PDA do you guys recommend for eBook reading?

    What format do the books have to be in? Will i have to convert the books I have?

    Is it convenient at all, even if I only get to read 8 or so lines of text at a time? I have no idea how PDAs work

    Oh yeah finally how many books do you think I could store on a PDA that isn't brand new top of the line, but maybe a couple years old?


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    Why not just read the book on the computer? Or why not print the whole book out? It makes it that simpler. I don't recommend getting a PDA because you'd be wasting your money.

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    The two biggest platforms are PALM and POCKET_PC. I strongly advise you to goto a retail store and play with both. There are plenty of software available for both systems and there is no big advantage between the two. PocketPC is very similar to Windows. Palm requires a learning curve getting used to Graffiti, which is the input device. Palms can be had starting around $100 (mono screen) up to $800 (color). PocketPCs are between $250 and $700. There are too many things to consider so you'll need to do some research, for it's more complicated than buying a PC. Take a look at which has forums for both Palm and PocketPC. Personally, I have used both but I prefer PocketPC because I have lots of PDF (Adobe) and LIT (MS Reader) files. I also use Palm Reader, which is available for both Palm and PPC. Also, checkout where you can find lots of free ebooks for both systems. It's also a good place to learn about the different ebook formats. On PPC, I can get about 13 lines but some ebook reader can control things like font, font-size, etc. As for storage, you can buy SD/MMC, Memory Stick or CF cards depending on which system. The card sizes vary from 16MB up to 1 GB (2, 3, and 4 GB are around the corner). My .lit files averages around 500KB. You do the math.


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