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    What's the best program and encoder for Compressing video to a small size, but keeping the qual to were u can still see things?
    Need to get a 2 min video down to like 1-2mb.. maybe smaller

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    If you want it that small, then the video would probably be really small too. If you want to compress an avi, I would probably use XviD. I don't know how it works, but that's my recommendation. Oh yeah, RealMedia compresses files really small too. It once got a 4mb .rm file into a 20mb divx file. The video quality was quite bad, but it was still viewable. I don't knwo how to encode RealMedia either. I can just convert .rm to .avi, and I'm just assuming when encoding avi to rm, that the video file would get smaller.

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    What is your resolution/screen size? Dr. Divx is super easy and it may do the trick.

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    virtal dub has to be the best easily. u may just want to lower the audio quality that will bring the size down.

    Virtualdub allows you select compression rates of audio and video and its very easy to use.


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