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Thread: Help Plz Soon As Imps The sims 8in1 in chineaz???!!!

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    Hello evry one

    i need help plz i have download the sims 8in1 in ares after i download it & i think i will ectract & play & have fun i have found next :

    the setup Window in chinees lang . with all my respekt i need help
    i have use my lak 2 try to setup i have sucsis but another big proplim I sweer after i setup & it Show that let's make you see what it do with me Step by step So you can help me

    Have A Nice day Plz sooon very soon i need 2 play this grat game

    now i know what hapin i need

    the Sims 8in1.W02
    the sims 8in1.w03

    where can i find it ???? answer me soon plz i'm tird
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    eny helpers or what ??

    i cam 2 the rong plas ?


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