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Thread: my new Core 2 Duo PC is here!

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    Hi every1, remember last week I was asking advice to get a Core 2 Duo PC?
    well, it's here.
    I had it custom made (no big company; independent Tech guy) on Wednesday and a few hours ago they brought it to my home.

    It is a very 'basic' system, as my plan is to upgrade as it goes, or in other words as it becomes economically possible for me .

    -- Core 2 Duo E4400 2 GHz L2 Cache, 800 MHz
    -- Biostar P4M890-M7 SE SATA/RAID
    -- 80 GB Hard Drive (don't remember brand)
    -- DVD-RW/CD-RW Combo (cheap one I guess)
    -- 512 RAM (I know I know, I'll get 2 GB as soon as there is a 'sale')
    -- Case: ATX 450W BCC Silver, with blue lights, lol.

    so, go ahead, critique my machine .

    But well, as most times, I find myself in a dilemma,
    When I asked the guy for this PC, I only asked for two specific 'must be' things:
    a Core 2 Duo E4400 and that it be compatible with my Maxtor 300GB ATA/100 Hard Drive so I can use it as a Slave HD,
    but now that I got my PC out of its box I find that it had a SATA Hard Drive (small black cable),
    so my question now is,
    will I still be able to connect my Maxtor (with it's flat gray 40 pin cable) to my new PC?
    I do think so, cus I can see a couple of similar connectors on this MOBO, but still, I would really like to hear some advice.
    Cus I have only used two HDs with connected to the same gray cable (master/slave) so again any guidance would be great.
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    There's no problem connecting a PATA drive alongside a SATA drive.

    Make sure the second drive is configured for cable select. If the DVD drive is PATA you could simply hook up the free connector on that cable, but make sure the DVD drive is also configured for cable select. Alternatively use a separate cable and hook it up to the end connector (black, master).

    You may have to adjust the bios to make sure the HDD boot order is correct (SATA before PATA).
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    ]I have a similar pc to urz

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    Good!, thanks both of you.
    That is just what I suspected 'lynx', that simple eeh, lol.


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