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Thread: samsung ml2010 driver wont' install; software firewall; 56.6 fax modem

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    i recently installed windows vista ultimate and ive had a hard time getting it to recognize the samsung ml2010 printer. ive tried what was suggested here and elsewhere and nothing worked. i did however get it recognize my printer locally when i installed it as a dell1100 and it works. however, the printer belongs to a network and i can't find a driver anywhere that will work. each time i try the driver from here

    i get the error, "cannot install kernel mode driver".

    any suggestions would be appreciated but ive tried a lot of them.


    also could someone suggest a good software firewall that will work with vista, i have ZA 6.XX and it will not install as well. maybe im missing something to get it work.


    i have a pci 56.6k modem (I201/I202 V.90 ambient(intel) controller-less Modem I101H) that i used on my old machine and it works fine on windows xp. its about 7 years old and i tried using the old drivers but sure enough it didn't work with vista. no luck finding a vista driver using google. maybe someone could suggest a way around this or at least a cheap fax modem. i do a lot of faxing. thanks in advance

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    Kaspersky Internet Security v6 and v7 both work with Vista. In my view it's the best AV/Firewall package on the market at the moment.

    Recommend a cheap fax modem? They all are. I don't think I've seen one selling for more than about UKú8 for years now.
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    I'd get an external serial modem so you could use it to dual boot or LiveCD a Linux distro. External serial modems are the easiest to get to work with Linux.

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    thanks for the help. i ended up going with kaspersky. i still havent found anything for the printer issue or the fax modem that will work with vista

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftcnt View Post
    thanks for the help. i ended up going with kaspersky. i still havent found anything for the printer issue or the fax modem that will work with vista

    Google a fix as this is nothing new , had the same problem with XP
    and a old Toshiba printer . Found a driver that worked from a forum on drivers .

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    i did find a support page to help with the problem but nothing to fix it. i have found information elswhere but nothing for my situation. others have had a similar problem but trying their approach didnt work.

    the issue with the printer is with kernel mode printer drivers vs user mode printer drivers. in case anyone else has a similar issue.


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