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Thread: Snes Roms

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    this probably sounds a little old school to many of the gamers out there....

    i am having a huge amount of trouble finding snes roms, all the sites that i find are either fake or have very little... it sucks. i have downloaded the "150 snes game" bundle from kazaa ( which has 152 files, some are saved games and some are weirdo anime porn pictures) if anyone knows a good website help me out.

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    I have a complete SNES rom set that I got from bittorrent. It has 3792 SNES roms and come's to a size of arund 3 gigs

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    i don't think i have enough room for 3 gigs... is there an individual rom site or anything like that, cause many of the 150 games i had to delete cause they suck i don't want to have to go through another process of getting rid of shit

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    look at this post

    >> post


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