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Thread: Torrent Leech logged out

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    Hi guys, I'm hoping someone here can be of help to me and my friend regarding our problem with torrent leech.

    We're able to log on to the forums, but not to the torrent section to browse and dload. We keep getting logged out.

    I've changed my password numerous times in an attemp to get in but all this does is get me to the main page once, and then when I go to either browse or profile, I get logged out and am unable to log in again. My sister, who lives in a different country to me (Australia) checked to see if she could log me in from there and she could. She didn't get logged out either and when she browsed, there was no probs with my account. This make me assume the problem is with torrentleech and my and my friend's country (Taiwan).

    I use safari on a mac but have tried firefox and the same problem exists. My friend uses a PC and has tried IE, firefox amongst others. We have both tried from our work and homes and the same problem exists.

    We've tried the torrentleech help but it keeps getting buried as the days go on despite being bumped a lot of times.

    Please, anyone have any ideas or anyone on the inside for torrent leech, please HELP!

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    i have the same problem

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    i have copyed this thread and sent to the coder he will look in to it

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    Thanks a lot kingrob.

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    idk maybe country ip banned? but you did get to the forums, so i could be wrong.

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    Any ideas, anyone. Kingrob, anything yet?

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    they only thing the coder can think this is is if your useing a proxy ip or one that changes alot as every time your ip changes tl will auto log you out

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingrob View Post
    they only thing the coder can think this is is if your useing a proxy ip or one that changes alot as every time your ip changes tl will auto log you out
    Well my internet connection etc hasn't changed in three years. I've tried logging in from my home, my office, my wife's office which is in a different suburb and my friend has tried from his home, his office as well a couple of other places. Still keep getting logged out. Like I said earlier, the forums are no probs. I can post in them on TL and don't get logged out. Bitmetv and ScT are fine as well. At a loss.

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    Hi all,
    Here's hoping we can get to the bottom of this one somehow! I've been in Taiwan and using torrents for the last 3 years. I used adsl from Chunghwa telecoms until about Feb/Mar this year. When i couldn't get better than 200Kbs down off torrents, i changed to a cable modem and that's when my problems with torrentleech started.
    I had the exact same log in problems as above. i still had my adsl connection at the time and i could log into the site no problems still with that one but not the cable modem.
    I too, tried the help forums there but to no avail. I also remebered seeing a notice about needing to use a proxy from your IP. I tried the proxy my IP gave me but that didn't work. I then googled the problem and eventually found a java based program called "paw-release", and set that up. That seemed to fix the problem for a while however it was a HUGE system resources hog, ( up to 99% of memory!). Then after a couple of months, using Firefox, the problem disappeared and all was sweet, i didn't need to use the proxy. The trackers on the torrents sometimes went down for a while (connection closed by peer, connection refused,etc) but as long as you left them for a while they would be up again and it didn't really seem to affect download times.
    Now to the present. Since about 10 days ago, it's all gone crap. I can't get better than 4 Kbs down on a well seeded torrent and am not up loading. If i use the proxy, the upload sometimes gets a mighty 1Kbs!
    I am also at a complete loss!
    Hope the above helps!

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    Here's what my other friend having difficulty said to me;

    I spent an hour on the phone to my ISP yesterday. Tried all sorts of stuff. Their conclusion was that Torrentleech is banning the ISP (Hinet) or a large IP block from this country (Taiwan).

    Any way to fix or work around this?

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