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Thread: Ive Put The T3 Hash In The Hash Sect

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    just in case any1 wants the cam dvd its in the verafied hash sect. got it off bittorrent 2day

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    whats a CAM DVD? is it like a CAM in DVD form?

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    how the heck do i download that movie? and u say u got a dvd mm dvd cam or big is the file? what quality? and where can i download it?

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    yeah aznrocky the guy who actually met arnold cant wait to download the movie he saw when he was just couple of feet away from the man himself

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    its just a cam in mpeg format. Im currently downloading it right now. I will post in about uum 2 hrs.

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    sounds like a n00b tryin to be smart

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    upload it here darn it!

  9. Movies & TV   -   #9 IS posted in here. its in the hash sect where i put it. if u dont wanna dl it from there go2

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    whats a hash and how do i use it?

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