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    KaZaA-lite is a great program, as was KazaA before I was recently converted. One of the biggest gripes though is the content. Although there are many good users out there who take the trouble to give you info about the file and also make sure that it is what they say it is, there are bloody loads who don't. Yeah, I know that Terminator 3 isn't out yet, but downloading files called Terminator 3 has got me Oceans Eleven, 40 days and 40 nights, half a film with Bruce Willis in and a 90 minute porno! What the fuck is the point. If you've got something shite on your computer, either don't share it or say it's shite!

    And as for the music, there are millions of great files available, and then loads with bits deliberately missing in the middle of the track etc etc. If you have these types of files, stop bleedin sharing them as they're a waste of everyones time.

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    You make a great point except that who would listen to you? What I mean by that is would anyone stop renaming files to trick the other person to think the file they were downloading was not the one they were thinking.

    Yes what I said was confusing but please understand that no one can stop it.

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    some people are just kids and get their little 2 year old kicks that way

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    Hi red-leb you got a good point there, but it's like iamtheoneandonlyone said.

    Here is how I search out the fake files, first do a search, then expand the file you want (you what I mean the + in the result list), then hold your mouse pointer over the files one by one and look for the filenames in the yellow popups.
    In most cases I found out that way if it's a fake or not. I takes more time, but saves you a lot of time downloading fake ones.

    I also use the AVI preview if I can, that helps also.


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