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Thread: subscription ftps? anyone use them

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    im sorry if this is against the rules but i really want to ask

    im looking for good FTPs (dont mind if they require subscription payment)

    i love torrent sites for sure, but for things of huge data like full dvds, it a big hassle to keep your ratio healthy.

    i cant find any good ftps anywhere though

    im currently looking for an tv dvd box set ftp service (full dvd, not rips) and an e-learning ftp service (my uni course requirs a lot of knowledge of 3d programs) if anyone can help me out please pm me. i dont mind payment for access. or even a site with listing of subscription ftps would be briliant, although i doubt that would be easy to find

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    There are lots of subscription ftps, you mean scene ftps, right? There used to be a forum where there were lots of pay ftps but the forum has been down for a while now... In my opinion you would be better of with usenet... its a hell of a lot cheaper (and you can get unlimited download accounts), legal and anonymous (depending on if your usenet server logs anything) and no need to upload anything.

    If you decide to use usenet and need any help you can post a message in the newsgroup section here on filesharingtalk, or PM me if you want

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    Definately recommend usenet over a pay ftp. The speed is amazing and a good premium server wil have great completion ratios. There is an excellent tutorial on setting up usenet on Slyck's website.


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