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Thread: downgade psp v3.03

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    is it possible to downgade psp v3.03 to v1.50 without usin the umd gta liberty cities?

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    upgrade to like 2.7 then just use a simple downgrader

    use or

    one of them has one hell of a forum for psp downgrades etc

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    dude how can he "upgrade" to 2.7 if he is already on 3.03 lol. To answer your question m8 you wanna pop over to psphacks (above link) and download the psp unbricker/downloader, that will sort you out m8. Goodluck and always read the instructions
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    yeah 2.80 - 3.10 have using gta
    There one program pandora for 3.52
    visit forum

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    Think your only bets are
    "You need a copy of the unpatched GTA:Liberty City Stories UMD. No ISOs, no patched UMDs, not Vice City Stories. See Here for some info on how to check if your version is patched. The most reliable way : the unpatched disks have the v2.0 firmware update on them.
    If at the end you cannot get the right GTA:LCS UMD try getting a LUMINES UMD and upgrade to 3.50 and use that downgrader."
    OR you will have to get or make a Pandora Battery
    Good luck
    Ps here is another forum link


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