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Thread: Error Playing Movies

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    Anyone know what causes movies films to get errors during downloading? I know that they can pick up bad frames, which I find doesnt really effect the playback, only if you encoding the film, but I am getting an error that will completely stop the film! I have tried searching for bad frames using VirutalDub MP3 freeze, which does find the bad errored frames, reporting
    "Error fetching frame xxxx: VideoSourceAVI error: unpecified error (-100)"
    Does anyone know what this is? How I can sort it out without deleting frames?
    I suspect that it might be due the new version of KazaaLite I'm using v2.1.0, as I had no problem with the old version. Can anyone agree?
    It doesnt seem to happen on all films, especially if I download the film all in one go, without pausing, stopping Kazaa, or turning my computer off.

    I need help!!!!

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    I dont know if this works yet but if it is not AC3 audio.
    Try Using Virtualdub (not the one which detects freezes) one of the newer ones.
    Set audio and vidoe to direct stream copy.

    And save as AVI.

    Should take a few minutes as your not decoding.
    I read somewhere cannot remember that Virtualbub goes past the errors or freezes and just gives its best attempt at image.

    If it works let me know

    Cheers SMID


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