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Thread: Build In Or Tool For Speedup

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    Hi there. I'm pretty new to this site though I've been using Kazaa for a while.

    Having downloaded the new ++ version I read that it has a build in more sources function. I found the menu to configure it but it seems to me as if it doesn't work properly.

    Do you think 3rd party software is better for speed up?

    The new search more function finds tons of sources. Why can't the autofind more sources downloader be as agrassive and find these too?

    And is there a tool where you can say which files to search more sources for and which not i.e. concentrate on on silngle file?

    Thanks for you Help


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    i use the speedup all the time works well for me

    second question you have to find out your way 1 say it does other says it dont

    as in the third question some people dont have a upload slot available
    thats why it cant find that many doawnload sources

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    Thanks a lot. Your quick help is really appreaciated


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