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    I have playback problems with some of my files; sound is OK but image moves forward at a jerky, out-of-sinc motion, making viewing impossible. Anybody know what the solution to this problem is? I have downloaded the codec package, so I don't think it's a codec problem. Please advise. Thanks.

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    What are the file types and what are you using to play them on.

    AVI/ mpeg or what codec they need.
    Gspot tells you what the codecs are or if you need them.

    Before anyone can help you.

    Cheers SMID

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    Sounds like xvid, if you haven't tried the alternative version of the test build 2.04 rc10 I suggest you do so. A lot of 'newer' xvid encodes uses the newer build of the codec which gives what you describes when using the older decoder (had it happen myself, got it working with 3ivx for compatibility on some files, but others completely refused to work and gave me the jerky motion). I have tried with the alternative version (that is, the newest build of the decoder) and it has worked fine so far.


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