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Thread: These Files Needed For Postal 2

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    Have just downloaded Postal 2 and when installing it sais these files are missing.


    If there is someway someone could upload these files to an ftp or something it would be very cool.

    The only way i can (sort of) play this game is by copying an existing usx file and renaming it to the missing file but on most parts of the level there are big ass gaps in the maps and i fall straight through so i badly need these files.

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    i was gonna upload them for you, but they are hefty sorry mate. the first one was over 100mb and i didn't check the others

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    Yeah thanks man its ok. I was checking in the compressed exe's and i saw how big they are

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    What file name did you download to get this game with?

    I FINALLY got it with postal2.exe [753,684,288 bytes] but my copy has ben_mesh.usx corrupt instaid.

    I'd trade the files with ya but I'm on dialup :'( and I've been working on this iso for almost a month.

    Try searching for the files in kazaa. I've found 1 source for mine. Unfortunatelly, they were sending the file at 0.4k/sec despite the 74% compressability of the file... and now they're gone.

    Could some1 possible upload this one for me?

    14mb uncompressed, 3.8mb compressed.


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    mikael912's Avatar ugly corupot files..
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    hey i need




    could some1 plzz help me i so want this game 2 work

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