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    Sorry im new to Kazaa, Can anyone tell me what is the difference in movie titles; such as CENTROPY, CAM, and anymore if there is some....

    Thanks alot!

    P.S. Does these forum have a glossary of terms for newbies?

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    Centropy is a much better quality copy but will take you longer to download, get these if u have a fast internet connection. A cam is a bad quality copy that won't take you as long to download, so if you have 56k get a cam

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    thanks, i have DSL. so its fast...

    i've downloaded lots of junk, TMD (thats CAM right?) well its really bad quality!

    Is centropy like a screener?

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    a cam is a movie which has been taped in a theater using a camcorder.

    if you see a movie that says TS, that means telesync-- someone has gotten hold of a film print and run it through a machine which transfers it to tape. these should theoretically be better than cams, but still not as good as dvd/screener rips.

    centropy is a cam releasing group which distributes large, high quality files.

    tmd is a cam releasing group which gets hold of large cam files and re-compresses them to very small files which dial-up users can download more easily. as a result, their files are low quality.

    there's not much point in creating a glossary of bootleg/pirate groups' initials because there are so many of those groups and they sometimes come and go in the blink of an eye.

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    thanks again...

    so centropy titles is what i should looking for, not tmd or cam since i have DSL...

    ur very helpful.....

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    what is ftp, vs and internal mean?

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    You should look for DVDrips. Those are the best quality.

    If you are looking for movies that are still in the cinema's then Centropy releases are usually reasonable quality.

    At you can see when stuff get released. They also give grades for quality of the releases. That way you can compare the different releases from the various groups.

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    lol thats funny, centropy is nothing about the quality, centropy is the release group.

    they relese telesyncs.

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    Originally posted by yyiryyib@4 July 2003 - 08:38
    lol thats funny, centropy is nothing about the quality, centropy is the release group.

    they relese telesyncs.
    i think you are not understanding this thread. centropy is a release group-- WE ALL HAVE ALREADY SAID THAT. and while it is not a direct indicator of the quality of the cam job, it can be an indicator of the quality of the compression. clear?


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