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Thread: Dragonballz Question

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    Do you guys know which epoisde does Krillin and 18 get married in? thanks.

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    there's no such episode, it just happens.

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    wait, wtf? so they dont' say anything about it? and how the hell did a robet have a kid anyway?

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    Shes an android not a robot which means she is half human and can have one but I think at some point somebody wishes her all human with the dragonballs.

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    I thought they explained this somewhere in the World Tournament Saga, that No. 18 was actually a human and was modified to be an android by Dr. Gero.

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    Indeed they did explain that in the Cell Saga.

    There are many holes in the plot in the show, but that ain't one of em...

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    DRAGON BALL Z IS DA BEST FKN CARTOON EVER!!!!!!! ( i say cartoon and not anime, because, well, its just not an anime ) BUT WHO CARES ITS DA BEST!

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    So basically 18 becomes human later, cuz someone wished her to become a human? (mostly likely Krillin right?)

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    yes, it was krillin that made the wish. it dosent show how they got married, someone(Goku i guess) just narrated through it.

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    hey, do u know what eposide that happened in? when krillin wished.

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