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Thread: The Greatest Film Of All Time

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    What in your opinion is the greatest movie of all time, this thread may have been done before, but now this is the definitive. I think The Godfather is the greatest film ever

    Olibomb B)

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    I think a lot of peole would back the Godfather up as being the best movie of all time...

    Me personally it's the Game with Michael Douglas - Thatmovie is the only movie that made sit 2 Inches away from the TV screen it had me that engrossed...

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    ben hur

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    There r loads of great movies but the ones i think i enjoyed the most :

    First blood (i bougt the dvd today on sale in mvc 6.99)
    Spider-man 2002

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    Ok, I know I'm a bit behind the times, but when you watch Casablanca you have to admit that it is the epitome of classic. Humphrey Bogart is very cool without being over-the-top, Ingrid Bergman is gorgeous, and Dooley Wilson rocks! (or at least he sings very well.) It is also the source of so many famous lines, I can't name them all here but I was amazed when I watched the movie how many lines it started. Here are a few of the ones I can remember after a long night involving some alcohol. "Here's looking at you kid.", "This looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship.", "Play it again Sam.", "we may not amount to a hill of beans." (ok that's not really famous but watch the movie and you'll get the idea.) Oh and this is a really cool movie to watch with women, as it is probably the most entertaining movie for guys which is also highly romantic for girls, well and guys too.

    Number two, again oldschool, Citizen Kane, there is nothing quite like it. Don't watch this one with women, or at least don't expect them to get all doe eyed and mushy. Orson Welles is no Humphrey Bogart.

    Number three, 2001 Space Odyssey. You need to be mellowed out to watch this since it is about 2.5 hours long with only about 12 minutes of rather mundane dialogue, but the visuals are amazing if you have patience. With the exception of the psychadelic ending, the effects are maybe even more realistic than space movies today, becasue there aren't all these wild panning motions that strain our suspension of disbelief and scream "CGI!!!!!" Unfortuantely though, no girlscout points whatsoever.

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    All the way........
    For all the losers in the world including me...

    Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

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    my fav pic would have to be

    full metal jacket

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    i think scarface is the first but it could be godfather but i still didnt get a chance to download it so my opinion could change. the second one would be blow. then bad boys then blue streak.

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    Originally posted by mutterings@4 July 2003 - 16:00
    ben hur
    ooh benhur was good!!

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    Godfather 2, or Empire Strikes Back...

    those two sequels surpass their predecessors even.

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