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    I would like to rip som music from CD's to my harddrive. Until now, I've been using AudioGrabber but I would like to try something else.
    The only demand I have is that I want to be able to change the sound quality (128, 192, 320).
    Thanks for all your help

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    See the pinned topic in Musicworld about creating High-Quality mp3's using EAC & Lame.
    Once you learn to use it, it's really the only way to rip.

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    StreamBox Ripper is THE THE best Music Ripper out there. it has everything u looking for...

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    dbpoweramp is the best program imo

    very simple learn too

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    I'm not really to sure what the 'best' mp3 ripping software is out there but i personally use Cyberlink's MP3 PowerEncoder for WMP 9. I like the simplicity of it and the fact that it's a plug-in and not seperate software. (and yes, you can select various quality bitrate's)

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    IMOP AltoMp3 is the best, it is fast and has the option to connect to some music server thing to get the song tracks for you.


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