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Thread: Monitor Arm for Desk

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    im after a monitor arm for my samsung 206BW
    it takes 100mm VESA.

    im thinking something like this:

    but dont wish to spend more than 50 on it.

    id like to be able to move the monitor so it can face the end of my bed better insted of looking over frrom my bed to my desk area.

    also the desk/bit of would im mounting it to is only 1inch thick. but its strong and is weighted down with a big subwoofer so it wont topple over i wouldnt think, after all i cant push it out of place easily with BOTH of my hands pushign on it.

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    Here's a possibility:

    Holds up to 8.2kg, to the 5.3kg of your monitor will present no problem. 75 or 100mm Vesa mount.
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