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    ok i have (or had) an account there but i guess it got trimmed sometime recently because it wont let me log in. and now i believe it says the login doesnt exist anymore. i was a user in good standing with a good ratio and got in when an acquaintance from pedros sent me an invite. i was an uploader for a time as well before i had to go to basic training for a few months. i pmed a person or two here asking for an invite but i realize that may have been the wrong route. i know how tight that community is which sucks when you have to get back in and i know you get a lot of people that just want in and try to lie and cheat to get it. im not asking for a handout which is why i didnt post this on the invite request forum. i was just hoping that there is a member out there that can help me get in contact with the staff to help me get my account back. any help would be appreciated and if anyone feels they need further proof to the validity of any of my statements, just ask. much thanks.
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    I won't post it here in the thread so everyone floods his inbox, but I'll PM you his user name here.

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