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Thread: Trading Rules

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    Where are those trading rules at FST ?

    I wanna know this.. because some trackers admins don't allow to trade trackers like nb, tl, ftn, wb (don't know if are more..), but in my opinion they only apply here on fst their own site rules and you can got banned on their site for breaking those rules - a normal thing in my opinion. So you can still trade but on your risk.. isn't like that ?

    Please a fst mod response to this post.

    In particularly i'm a good member at every site i'm and don't break any rules there, also not trading their invites or such things.. so i only ask.. do not take this personally(Vidde, Brandon, anyone else..)

    Also... if those trades aren't allowed here than i think it should be some (fst) rules about that and the fst mods apply them where it's necessary..


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    Quote Originally Posted by V For Vendetta View Post
    That doesn't offer any information on the subject.

    We have deals with FTN, NB, TL, and RTS that no accounts will be traded.

    Invite trading is frowned upon, but allowed.

    The FST group


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