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Thread: How much RAM to run Vista well

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    Hi Guys

    Can any of you with Vista tell me how much RAM you think is needed to run Vista well (for an average user)

    The reason is that a friend of mine bought a PC with Vista on it and it runs like a dog.



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    I bought my girl a laptop with 1 gig ram a week or so back and that came with Vista.

    Thats runs like shit, Im considering just deleting vista and putting it on XP

    I believe to run great your looking at 2 gig memory or something.
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    My Vista x64 works great with my Core 2 Duo PC with 1GB memory.

    *I don't play games, but I do play lots of videos in my PC.

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    2 GB is safe for now.
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    2Gb is quite a good amount to have now. If you have 4Gb then move on into x64

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    i concur. 2gb is the new standard.
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    2GB and you'll need a decent video card and processor to rock the pretty stuff. If your specs aren't good enough Windows will just disable that stuff automatically during install.

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    its a lot like personal preference though, if u are using Vista home basic or premium 2gb is more than enough, if u are using Vista Ultimate and Playing Demanding games then i would suggest u better go for 4GB since RAM prices are lot lesser now its always worth to have more RAM.

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    1GB is the minimum requirement for vista so that means you need 2GB for not falling asleep while loading.
    My gf sister bought a laptop with 1GB and as fooked said is tottaly shit.I recommend no matter how many ram you got don't go to vista yet.XP works charming and there is nothing you can do with vista that xp can't do!

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