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Thread: Euthanasia

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    I hope I have spelt it right. I wonder what the members feel about this?

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    Euthanasia for what? Plants? Fish? Cattle? How about sharing your views first? That's more likely to get a response. Otherwise we'll have to bring Mike Myers in here, to discuss. Beware, though. He may get a little verklempt.

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    for it. i did a final debate for this in philosphy class last year.

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    If putting an animal down because it is in pain is a kindness, then letting someone take their own life cannot be seen as anything less.

    Oh god, this is gonna turn into another emotive one isnt it?

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    There is a chance Rat faced. But it as least something male and female can discuss; abortion is only practised on women. In the abortion debate I think it was mainly male views that were voiced, that was a pity. I live in the Netherlands where an euthanasia law was recently introduced. Should euthanasia then only be offered to the terminaly sick? What about assisted suicide?

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    Editted out the whole post, as it might be very difficult for people to read. The bottom line was, "absolutely".
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    Somebody pass me those pills!!!!!

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    a good percentage of animals are put down because an operation would be expensive. who's to say it wouldn't happen with humans? i do believe in
    euthanasia, provided a panel of responsible people were to to weigh the pro's
    and cons. and members of the bleeding hearts brigade were kept out.
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    It's simple IMO. If you truly want to die, then the opportunity to die as humane as possible should be offered to you whatever the reason for your deathwish may be.
    This may sound a bit harsh, but what is wrong with letting people die who can only survive because of high advanced medical help. We're keeping people alive who spend their life as a plant....I'm not sure if that is as humane as we like to think it is.

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    Originally posted by billyfridge@5 July 2003 - 16:54
    i do believe in
    euthanasia, provided a panel of responsible people were to to weigh the pro's
    and cons. and members of the bleeding hearts brigade were kept out.
    This attitude seems like fencesitting of the most advanced order.

    I saw some similar replies in the (now regrettably locked) abortion thread.

    Either topic seems to me to be a highly personal decision.
    Either you believe that a person has the right to make that decision or they don't.

    In both cases- I do.

    Leave the committees, panels, other 'responsible' people out of it.
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