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Thread: Monitor Won't Get a Signal

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    My friend bougth a video card, hooked it up and it didn't work. Tried unhooking the video card and hooking it back up to the motherboard, and now that won't get a signal. What could cause that?

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    what is his video card?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asmithz View Post
    What could cause that?
    1. incorrect installation of psu power cables to the vid crd
    2. insufficiant psu
    3. bad vid card
    4. bad agp/pci-e slot
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    When he put in the add-in card, he probably told the bios that this is the primary video controller. Some systems even do this automatically in case the on-board chip has failed.

    Having removed the card you would need to tell the bios to use the on-board video controller, but that's a bit difficult since you can't see the bios to change the setting.

    The only alternative is to reset the bios settings to defaults by clearing the bios memory (remove the power plug, then use the jumper provided on the motherboard).

    Of course, if he used an incompatible card it's possible he's damaged the mobo.
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    try turning down the HZ.


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