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Thread: E-learning material, best place apart from torrents?

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    I have searched everywhere to find the video tutrorials that i want. however im finding it reallyhard to find a good rescource, torrents are good, im on oink and its got some good stuff, however its kills my ratio, and it doens;t have all of the thigns im looking for.

    i know its great and i am about to get on it, but again my upload speed is too low for me to really take advantage of it and download everythign i need without getting banned which i will not do for sure.

    usenet rules for most things in my opinion, but e-learning is distinctly lacking, which is suprising since it seems to have everythign you could imagine.

    can anyone help, what other options do i have, i would even pay for a subscription ftp if it was good and had all the gnomon workshop and digital tutors materials. definetly if you know of one let me know as i would only need to subscribe for the one month and get everything i need for my course.

    i have ran out of ideas. need some advice.

    hope you can help me

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    edonkey. i think they have a lot of stuff too. many old stuff

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    thanks for the suggestion

    i will try it, and im sure that my last 'free' option.

    but as i said i dont mind paying for quality download speeds and an amazing selection of e-learning, please if anyone knows a good ftp service or ANYTHING else i might be missing then will appreciate anya nd all help you can give me
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    Soulseek of course there are plenty of active EBook channels...or

    you could always check

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    thats a nice site thanks!!

    still im looking for the video tutorials, cause espeically with the drawing and sektchin concept design you like to see their step by step process instead of copying line off a page. you can see how they start and start using that technique, not actually having to do exactly what they are doing.


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