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Thread: BBC - People's Century

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    Hello reader,

    I am looking for a documentary series called "People's Century" for a long time now. It consists out of 26 episodes and runs from 1900 - 1999. Each episode lasts 60 minutes. I cannot find it on any torrentsite, so maybe if you know where to get it, or scrolled over it some days ago, please tell me!

    People's Century

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    do you know where to get it or is your post just spam? :p

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    I will help you search for it's_Century


    Quote Originally Posted by wiki
    In 1997 and 1998, VHS box sets were produced of the series in PAL and NTSC. As of 2007, most of People's Century original episodes remain unavailable on DVD, however in late 2006 DVD editions were released in the US of the two world-war episodes Killing Fields and Total War exclusively in NTSC, along with a few cut-down post-war episodes (on a DVD called Young Blood, drawing from the previously released Baby Boomers Boxed Set on VHS that had contained 5 complete episodes)

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    Thank you for your research thewizeard. Maybe if you have a program you download with, like DC++ or so, could you check if it is on it?

    Please more people help


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