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Thread: Connecting Computer To Television

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    How do I go about in conencting my computer to my television, i prefer it to be wirelessly so I can beam my Avi's and Mpeg's and sorts without having to get a DVD player with Vcd support on it. I have looked on few websites but all they could provide were jpeg and mp3 connectivity.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You need a video card with TV-Out support. Then you simply use a plug from behind your video card into the back of your TV. I'm not sure if you can do this wireless though...

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    They might have an adapter for that sort of thing, but I've never heard of one...

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    You need an RF modulator or amp with a video out to TV card or,
    An RF modulator/processor combo which is quite a bit more expensive.
    With the last one the signal would be high enough to broadcast without an amp in most cases and processors are available for whatever channel you choose to use.

    The simple way would be with the tv out card and a decent amp, something better than 15 db . You might be able to transmit using rabbit ear type antennae if you get it adjusted just right.
    Don't expect to broadcast too far though unless you go with pro equipment. each 20 db is probably only good to about 50 ft.

    Radio shack also has a remote TV extender you could check out though it's only good for a single channel and I wouldn't get too excited about the quality. I think it's just a very basic RF transmitter.

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    There are several companies offering wireless transmitters which would satisfy your needs.

    Here's one example I've found. No special video card is needed.


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