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Thread: Dedimove-ubuntu server

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    Hi everybody. I rent a server from dedimove and my server's operating system is ubuntu but unfortunately I have no idea about how can ı install the ubuntu server? I really need your help.I'm in trouble with this issue please someone help me.My best regards.

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    Try this mate :

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    If you are talking about the server, you can always install from the Dedimove Config > Install > New Install, but if you are talking about installing webui, I'm afraid I can't help you...
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    Totally depends what you want to do? Ya can just as easy yaself reinstall with a windows operating system from ur panel assuming you have a key or are going to pay for one. For gui if ya gonna use nxclient it has to be version "nxclient-1.5.0-138" others aint compatable otherwise go for vnc viewer.

    Good Luck!


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