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Thread: Abandonware

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    I think the greatest abandonware site is popup city Check it out. I highly recommend Outwars. You can play it on MSN Gaming Zone if you get reg crack.

    Edit: PM me for reg crack for outwars or go to (ingore all but regfixer.) Also you have to put Outwars in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Outwars to get registry crack to work for it.

    *let's stick to PMs for these please

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    Now that that's out of the way.

    Yeah, I personally prefer Underdogs to even P2P - The stuff that's in there is amazing to say the least, and technically they are free to do it because the stuff isn't sold anymore. They even strive to take it off the site if it appears in a compelation to stick to that.

    Allowing people older (in some cases more gameplay-containing) games while having a clear conscience - Sneaky b***ards

    BTW thanks for telling me about Outwars. I've been trying to find that recently on the P2P, and it's all been there at HOTU *d'oh*

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    :-) My previous post got chopped up and regurgitated. LOL. Oh well, the sites I posted weren't google or pop-up city. PM me for what they were. No problem, Illuminati.


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