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Thread: Getting rid of Bithumen and...

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    hey guys
    i've got some sites i dont much use
    the names:
    FB, Bithumen, Gigatorrents and Piratebits
    please offer something for them
    i prefer reply, but you can pm me with offers
    they are all buffered about 30giga (bithumen = 74giga buffer)
    no crappy offers

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    i dont know if i will look dump but i have nothing to offer besids demonoid with some buffer 1.2 tb and 84 i dont know do u like it or what plz tell me wghat can u give for it ?

    this post was to only know wut does demonoid worht i didn't ever made this trade couz i can't trade demonid as its my first and most beloved tracker i was just curuse
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