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Thread: Giganews clutter question

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    I've started trying to learn about newsgroups now and I have a few general questions about the organizations of it all.

    --I'm using Unison for Mac OS X, and my ISP provides me with giganews. Here is what I see

    By wilton331

    I know that I'm missing out on A LOT of information about newgroups, but how do you find good releases, or even anything worth downloading in general?

    For instance, I clicked on video and then DVD which took me to alt.binaries.DVD, but everything looks so cluttered to me.

    --Anyone dare to explain without just a link?
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    I was having the same problem (MAC user, unison & giganews). What I started to do was search for NZB files. Which allowed me to find the item I was looking for. Once I downloaded the NZB file, unison automatically open and started to download. No more searching each newsgroup.

    Filesharing has a great NZB sections. I also user Newzbin.

    Go to : (filesharing NZB site) search for the file you are looking for (you have the ability to search on the right hand side). Once you find the file that you are looking for, download the NZB file, and then open it. Unison will automatically open and start downloading the file.
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    More NZB Sites: - The best, costs money. - Good, free - Good, free - Good, free

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    Try clicking on the "group files" button on the group you have open. It will consolidate many of those files that belong together into one heading.


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