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Thread: Terminator 3

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    is it any good ?? hehehehe

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    u mean the movie or the quality of the cetropy ?

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    i meant quality of course , i've seen it in the theater , i just aint gonna go watch it there everytime i have an urge to see it ya know. popcorn , nachos , fritos , cokes , tha damn video games, suveneirs , damn it , so much money to spend there. so hell no ...what? where was i?

    oh yeah! yes i meant the has a good rating , it was just added to B)

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    its not a centropy, but it does look pretty solid.

    colors a bit washed up, ive seen the sample, audio is crisp, etc... i may get it, if i find it, but ill hit up a centropy copy too if its better.

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    might give it another day, pv have been releasing some nice stuff they might rls something. Centropy will probably take there time on this one, get something really nice to rls instead of rushing it.


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