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Thread: Question About Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

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    ok, i downloaded the .bin and .cue... it took me about a month (even though im on a dsl connection... no one sharing ) i finally got it tonight, i mount it with deamon tools, run install, at about 66% it says it cant extract data or something along the lines of that... so i download CDmage, find a bunch of corrupt stuff on it, and fix it... then i run it again from daemon tools and sucessfully install it (full install incase it matters) then i find it on my start menu, click on it, then i get the message "Wrong Disk Inserted" so i look for a crack with no luck (all i found was cd keys) so i burn it onto a CD-R and try to run it from there, still with no luck now what?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found one, and it turns out my Intel 82810E graphics controller isnt good enough

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    exact same thing happen to me even the same chipset controller

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    The crack file was on the bin I downloaded.


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