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Thread: I Need Help With My Os

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    well , ill make this simple . Im having lots of problems with my computer. One of the reasons im having trouble is this..... when i first bought this pc i was a complete stranger to pc's . So i ended up deleting alot of files i thought back then were useless. Im using windows 98se. And i need one of those cds that will let you mmm that will erase all the programs and files u got except for windows. But i cant even remember what they're called. All i really need to know if there any iso,bin,cue that are copies of these recover cds , i think thats what theyre called. i would also like to know if theyre might be a cracked version of wondows 98 se. ya know like the xp version here on kazaa. ohhh and whats the max download speed for a 56k modem?

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    You don't need any cracks for any Win9x OS. just grab one of the millions of keys posted all over the web and install it. There is no activation in 98 or SE . To use a recovery CD, you need one specific to your computer. Chances of finding that are extremely slim. What you will have to do is find out before you wipe, what hardware you have installed and try o find the needed drivers to have ready. things like network drivers are a bit hard to get with no internet. There's a few driver sites that will help. is one. sign in with valid email address to get access.

    You can try the guest account - drivers/all

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    that will erase all the programs and files u got except for windows

    Never heard of this sounds interesting though............?

    NoneTheLess -

    if you want the Cleanest Tightest Version of 98 try 98Lite


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