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    I was on vcdquality today looking for new releases and I saw that TCF had 3 releases yesterday incuding a screener of Anger Management and X2 and a telesync of T3. Then I checked back a bit later and saw that they had released another screener this morning this time it was The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

    Looks like they're on a spree

    Fogot to mention how good the quality is of tcf's releases are as they all have above 7/10 for both the picture and sound

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    Yeh Lots Of good Movies Coming Out Fast Bar Lizzie McGuire LOL .

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    Yeah, they must have found a good suppiler. But you can't always trust the ratings on vcdquality because all you have to do is sign up for the forums and you can rate and movie. I'm not saying these release's are bad quality but people sign up and rate the movies just from the picture it's a lame thing to do but the only way your really truly going to find out about the quality of the release is if you download it yourself.

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    I've added cd1 to xmen 2 Screener in Verifieds. Will have CD2 later this morning.

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    Another release by TCF, its a screener of the film Confidence.

    WOW!!! Thats 5 in 2 days

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    and now a screener of Daddy Day Care!!!

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    what other groups are there?

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    damn they really are on fire

    daddy daycare screener B)

    really hope they bring us a t3 screener that would rock

    keep up the good work TCF

    fuck Derby County

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    well centropy have released thers of t3 best yet

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    centropy version has nuked sound

    so i dont know, we are gonna see if we can get it, then sort the sound out and release on the tracker

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