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Thread: anyone?

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    hi im looking for bitmetv invite i can offer

    swebits 200gb buffer
    torrentbytes account 20gb buffer
    tvtorrents 100gb buffer
    diwana invite if you want
    acetorrents invite if you want
    revolutiontt invite when they open invites soon
    myspleen account

    so pm if anyone wants?
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    you can remove the Tl invite because it isn't aloud to trade it and:
    Quote Originally Posted by josegavara View Post
    We don't want anyone in who trades any account not just revolt. we don't want to become a haven for traders
    this is what josegavara aka jimmymac said

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    where did he say that?

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    Might be a bit of confusion between Revolt the forum and RevTT the tracker there?

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    i think he's talking about revolutiontt not revolt and yes TL invites or accounts are not allowed to be traded here

    lol,sgt beat me to it
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    yeh i mean revolutiontt what is revolt?


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