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Thread: Somebody has been trying to hack into my FST account!!

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    ive only just noticed in my emails that i have been sent by FST notification emails telling me that my account here has been locked several times due to someone trying to access my account but using the wrong password.

    i have received about 15 emails saying "Your account has been locked because someone has tried to login using an incorrent password - The IP of the person is xxxxxxx" where the IP has been different every time.

    well, it sure wasnt me who was trying to login to my own account but couldnt remember my password and also whats strange is the IP was different every time, but i did a lookup on a few of the IPs and they all originated from Asia - i live in europe.

    thankfully i use "strong" passwords which would be extremely hard to guess, and ive changed my password again today to an even stronger one.

    i dont know what to make of this though. is someone trying to gain access to my FST account belieing that if they can guess my FST password that i might use the same password here that i do at my private bit torrent sites?

    well, if you're reading this Mr Hacker, i use different passwords at every site i use, so you can stop wasting your time trying to hack in to my FST account. i also use different usernames at my bit torrent sites, so hacking in to my FST account wont help you to hack in to my bit torrent sites.

    some people are sooooo sad.

    so get lost and get a life Mr Hacker.

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    It's a known issue. The IP address changes with every attempt, so there isn't much we can do.

    Just make sure you have a good password and you should be fine.

    The FST group


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