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Thread: "Not Connectable" Help on seedbox

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    hey i have a seedbox, and i have centos..

    Anyways, i have 3 vnc's setup and each one has its own utorrent. the first 2 vnc's are showing up as connectable and the port is showing as open. the 3rd one is showing up as not connectable. Do u guys have any ideas?

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    Sometimes this happens, but you are still connectable. If you download from the 3rd vnc do you appear as non conneactable in the tracker? (i ask this because I get this sometimes in my seedbox but still show as connectable to the tracker). Sometimes the problem will go away after some time. You can also try changing the port on uTorrent.

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    Yeah, its unconnectable on more than 1 torrent site and on utorrent...its red at the bottom when its suppose to be a green arrow..

    The other 2 vnc's work fine.

    So basically what I did was...I did the multiple utorrent guide and i did that guide to get the 2nd ip working/vnc. I did it for my 3rd ip but i did eth0:2 instead of eth0:1 on everything, did i do this right? Also when i put the 3rd IP in utorrent, it didn't work right either. And Now its not showing as connectable/port isn't open..

    I apperciate the help if anyone has any
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    anyone know?

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    Only adwise I can give you is

    vncserver -kill :1

    vncserver :1

    that worked for me..


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    do you no how to reboot that vnc,,andf then start up again thats what happens to me
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