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Thread: How to view movies without unraring them.

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    I usually dont like rar'ed movies cos they take too much time to unrar and etc, but i finally found a way that can make my life easier and wanted to share it with you in case you are not aware of.

    Here's how;

    1- Go to this site and download Dziobas Rar Player.
    2- Install it.
    3- Now you can select any rar file from FILE menu or drag&drop them to watch your rar'ed movie. You can also add subtitles.

    PS // This works on a rar files made with store mode which is mostly used by release groups...
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    Thanks. There is also a way to do it with vlc too. I just dont like how you cant scroll back or forward, but it is usefull if you dont have much space or time.Thanks for sharing this method.

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    Thanks, that is a useful tip.

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    never heard about Dziobas Rar Player i always use bsplayer to view without unrar
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    It works...thanx
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    Thanks for the tip. This'll save lotsa time.

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    Thanks ....

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    thanx man for sharing but can be done with vlc player too..............

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    can you use it with, a multiple file archive?

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    very useful.....

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