"Odex, the anime distribution company that threatened thousands of BitTorrent users it claims it caught distributing its material has made a new offer to those it accuses: Stop downloading our stuff right now and we won’t take any action against you."

"Director of Odex, Stephen Sing said in the past that the “downloading situation” in Singapore was very bad: “We have engaged companies to track illegal downloads in Singapore, and ratio-wise, we’re actually right up there in the illegal downloads in the world, in terms of Japanese animation.”

Following this, a couple of weeks ago we reported that Odex had tracked down thousands of BitTorrent users it accused of breaching its copyrights and was pursuing them for compensation payments. Lots of BitTorrent users received threatening letters after their ISP SingNet gave Odex their personal details. Other ISP’s stood their ground and refused to hand over the information."

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Source: TorrentFreak