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Thread: Help please

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    Hi. Can someone give me the url for that "good" gamecube tracker with tons of gamecube games? It's like john's tracker or something..

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    Thank you so much Blackbird....beatles rock!

    The site is however full....can I get a invite to it? or must I wait to signup only?

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    It's open for sign up...

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    Error: Sorry...
    The site is full!
    The limit of 7000 users have been reached.
    HOWEVER, the account maintenance script is run daily at 1:50am GMT. Check back then!!!

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    Another great thread title.....

    The FST group

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizo View Post
    Another great thread title.....
    my first thought as well.

    so far he favors the words "help" & "please" in his topic titles.

    At least he is polite!

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    Well, it was open when I posted.. Sorry.


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